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The 3 most common mistakes in managing dealer leads and how to avoid them

Lead generation is essential in motorcycle and car industry. Dealerships need to attract potential customers and convert them into actual customers to keep their business running. However, there are some common mistakes in lead management that affect the entire sales process. Continue reading and discover which are the 3 most common, the strategies to avoid them and the role of the digital marketing to generate leads for dealerships.

Common mistakes in lead management:


Error #1: Failure to follow up on leads

One of the biggest errors detected in dealerships is the lack of follow-up on leads. This results in the loss of potential customers because the information they are requesting is not provided in a timely manner, keep in mind that response times They are important and, furthermore, they are not followed up or accompanied after answering their initial questions.

Some of the consequences of not following up on the process of potential vehicle customers are:

  • Lost sales opportunities because, although people want to buy, they do not have constant support and they find another dealer who is present in their purchase process.
  • Bad reputation, when people have a bad customer service experience they can share it with others and lose potential future customers from the dealership.
  • Lack of information, do not track the leads makes it difficult to analyze the reasons why sales are not closing. On the contrary, having this data helps to develop sales strategies and improvement processes.

To make a successful lead follow-up It is essential to have a clear strategy to accompany the customer purchasing process and decide whether to make a call, send an email, schedule a test drive or a visit to the dealer.

One way to solve this error is by defining the frequency of interactions with potential customers, without always waiting for them to contact you again. Another way is using technological tools that allow you to optimize the lead management process.

A bot to manage your leads

Currently there are different tools that allow you to manage your qualified leads efficiently and without having a large team of people online. Artificial intelligence, for example, is transforming these processes, bots have always been a good alternative to optimize the time serving your leads.

errores al gestionar prospectos de concesionarios

Now artificial intelligence allows you to create more humanized and effective bots, in addition to personalizing conversations with online chatbots according to the market to have more accurate results in the qualification of potential customers, without wasting time in serving leads that may not become future customers.

Error #2: Not understanding customer needs

The next common mistake in lead generation is not understanding the customer's needs. Many times, dealerships focus on selling a motorcycle or a car, leaving aside the needs that drive the customer to buy a vehicle. This results in advertising and marketing efforts not reaching the right people.

This can result in having lots of leads but few sales, meaning lots of data coming in from people who aren't really interested in the models, makes, or prices the dealer is offering, resulting in wasted time, money, and resources.

To avoid this mistake, it is important to ask relevant questions that help to better understand customers and the greater motivation for those who are looking for a vehicle. For example, what is the main use that you are going to give to the car or motorcycle you are looking for? What characteristics are most important to them? Do you have money saved or do you need financing for the purchase?

Error #3: Not personalizing the customer experience for cars and motorcycles

Dealerships often make the mistake of not personalizing the customer experience, so they don't treat each customer as an individual, but see themselves as just another number. One of the consequences of this is the low conversion rate, customers not feeling valued or cared for in the best way do not make the purchase.

To prevent this error in lead management, it is important to use the data that customers have provided and the pattern on social networks to create a personalized experience, for example: to write messages by writing your name, talking about the product you are interested in, sharing the offers that will surely seem interesting to you.

Other personalized experience options may include test drives, counseling, maintenance reminders or after-sales service, or financing options.

errores en la gestión de leads colombia

An important point to finish!

Follow up on the strategy: The key to lead management it is in the constant qualification of the process. It is important to have statistics of the following data:

  • Quality of leads obtained
  • Amount of completed sales
  • Accurate measurement of direct sales

Based on this information, it is possible to determine in which phase the process is failing and make the necessary corrections.

In summary, preventing errors in lead generation is essential in the motorcycle and car industry, which is why dealers must be prepared to accompany them in the best way. Now, for you who own or work at a dealership, the goal is to avoid mistakes by using the correct tools or working with a specialized agency.

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