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Flow bot

What is our conversational flow chatbot?

It is a program designed to carry out chat conversations with your users through software (chatbot) that contains predefined questions. With our flow chatbot service you can provide automatic responses to the entries or queries made by your users, allowing you to optimize time in addressing the concerns that your customers may have. These are some of the benefits you will get with our chatbot.

Effective lead qualification

Our flow chatbot It is created with questions designed to collect information that can be used to prospect your leads, which in turn allows you to personalize interactions and offers.

Immediate responses

Our conversational chatbot Optimize customer service time by providing instant and consistent responses to your customers' frequently asked questions and common queries. This reduces customer wait time and ensures they receive accurate and consistent information with every interaction, helping to build brand trust.

Availability 24/7

Our chatbot is available to interact with your clients at any time, even outside of business hours. This allows you to provide constant support to users and resolve basic queries at any time of the day, which improves customer satisfaction and retention.

Cash overflow at point of sale

The predefined questions in our chatbot They are created to collect precise data that allow incoming leads to be qualified effectively and overflow to the point of sale those most suitable to convert to sales.

Automation of repetitive tasks

Our chatbot can handle repetitive, routine tasks such as information gathering and appointment scheduling. This frees your employees from tedious tasks and allows them to focus on more strategic and creative activities, which can increase operational efficiency.

How does our flow chatbot work?

  1. Predefined options: Each point in the conversation flow presents your users with a series of predefined options.
  2. Answers and ramifications: Depending on the user's choices, the chatbot responds with predefined information or presents new options.
  3. Guided interaction: As the user progresses through the flow, the chatbot presents the appropriate options based on previous responses.
  4. Completion of tasks or transfer: The conversational chatbot can carry out specific tasks within its scope of operation, such as collecting information, scheduling appointments, providing product details, among others.
  5. Data collection and improvements: As users interact with the chatbot, data may be collected about their choices and responses.

Know the plans for your flow bot


A package of focused and tested predefined questions for efficient lead qualification. These questions only apply to some specific industries.

To measure

A chatbot made to measure and according to your requirements, in this plan you can define the questions you need.

Flow bot

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