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Lead management

In our lead management service We take care of receiving the leads and carry out timely management in real time, using the brand language and seeking to generate qualified leads. to assign to the points of sale through the CRM defined by the client. In this way, it is ensured that leads are served efficiently and we increase the conversion of your digital channels.

Saving time and resources:

Leaving lead management in our hands allows you to focus on your main activities without having to invest in hiring and training specialized business advisors in the digital channel. In addition, since we are an outsourcing service, our cost is variable, so you do NOT incur the fixed costs of having an additional person in your work team.

Qualified leads:

With specialized tools and processes, we take care of identifying and qualifying leads according to the best practices in the industry, which guarantees that only high-quality leads that will really improve your sales conversion rate reach your sales team.

Efficiency in lead management:

By having a team dedicated exclusively to lead management, we can respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of your business. This allows you to save valuable time and increase your chances of converting leads into sales. It has been shown that answering your digital channels in less than 5 minutes considerably improves your results.

Focus on improving business results:

By reducing the volume of unqualified leads that your room advisors receive, we allow them to focus on improving their business results, since they will be able to spend more time and resources on point of sale management.

Our B2W Plans


Variable and overflow lead management


Variable lead management, with financing and overflow


Full time dedicated digital sales agent

prospección y gestión de leads automoción


Lead management:

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